Curtin Alumni Chapter
of Sri Lanka

Home for All Curtin Graduates in Sri Lanka

The Curtin University Alumni chapter of Sri Lanka is the home for all Curtin graduates in Sri Lanka. Our aim is to nurture the friendships and partnerships formed whilst studying at Curtin and keep all graduates and friends of Curtin interconnected now and into the future.

Who we are

Curtin University of Technology is affiliated with the largest information technology university within Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT). SLIIT is responsible for producing the largest number of information and communication technology graduates in the country and the world with the highest quality of teaching and learning.

What we do

Lakmal Embuldeniya and Bathiya Lakmal Priyadarshana, together with a team of remarkable people are eager to support prospective students and Curtin graduates. Current plans include forming partnerships with key job providers which will improve the speed that Curtin graduates can access top level job opportunities.

The chapter will also be chiefly responsible for bringing alumni together after their graduation and providing a support system for alumni. Through these actions, we believe the chapter will encourage more students to take the up the Curtin graduate programs in the future.

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Inauguration Ceremony 2011


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President's Welcome

Ever since the day I started the undergraduate program at SLIIT, I have enjoyed the contrast between school years and university years, where we all knew the more involved we got, the more we could attain. I had the fortune to attain a job which allowed me to gain valuable experience whilst managing time to support both studies and work.

During my studies I always felt the need for an alumni chapter as, when I wanted some information or guidance I did not know anyone in the industry to turn to. Although we always had very supportive academic staff, there were times when I felt a need for advice from someone who had gone through the same experiences.

By the time of my graduation a group of us decided to form this alumni chapter. My goal was to fill the gap which we faced during our student years and make a comfortable environment for the prospective students. As a group we share the common goal in becoming the best alumni group dedicated to supporting future undergraduates.

Wishing you all the best and hoping for your fullest cooperation in building this chapter.

Welcome to the Curtin University Alumni Chapter of Sri Lanka.

Lakmal Embuldeniya
Mobile: +94 716 819166